Ahoy, Mateys! Welcome aboard the SV Sea Shifter.

Hi! I’m Ken. Thanks for stopping by. This blog is going to be the venue that I share my travels with friends, family and anyone else who may be infected with wanderlust! I’m currently a Fire Captain in Arizona. Been a fire fighter for almost 29 years now. I’ve lived in Arizona since I was 5. My goal is to have a catamaran sail boat very soon and begin my wandering. Her name will the the SV Sea Shifter. I’ve been on “C” shift with the fire department most of my career. It seemed appropriate. Let me break it down for you: There are 3 shifts on my department; A, B and C. “A” Shifters are typically gorillas. Bull in the China shop types. “B” Shifters are just odd…It’s that way all over the country. There are a million jokes about the weirdos on B shift. “I’d rather have a sister in a whorehouse than a brother on B Shift”. “What do you call a basement full of B shifters? A whine cellar.” That’s just a couple of mild examples. Then there are the “C” Shifters. Laid back, easy going, smart ass, get important stuff done, don’t sweat the rest…type of guys. My career started on “A” shift. I even served a stint as acting Battalion Chief on “B” Shift back in the day, I was lucky to escape without a lobotomy. Eventually I found my people, spent the bulk of my career and will spend my final shift as a “C” Shifter. Hence: SV Sea Shifter.

The birth of an Adventurer:

At age 15, I gathered up my backpacking gear, full frame pack, sleeping bag, sterno, some canned ravioli, canteens and some water proof matches. I bought a 22 rifle from a friend of a friend. Loaded up on my ten speed Schwinn bike and headed east from Tempe Arizona towards the Superstition Mountain Wilderness. I was going adventuring. Well, Mom and Dad didn’t care for that idea much and one of my concerned friends tipped them off that I was headed out to become a full time wanderer. So, it isn’t a long leap to figure out that I was returned to my nice suburban Tempe home shortly after my father pulled up along side me peddling down Main Street and gave me the stern, “get in the car”.
In my defense, if we flash back 5 or so years: It is revealed that my dad contributed to his sons wanderlust when he brought home a giant framed map of the world and hung it on my bedroom wall. Armed with the almost complete, volumes of Encyclopedia Britannica and several back issues of National Geographic, I set out to push pin and string every place in the world I would someday travel to. It was a crowded map by the time I finished.
Leap forward to April 2017 as I write this, I am currently preparing to close on a 40 foot Leopard Catamaran Sail Boat. A dream in the making of 40 years. A desert dweller turned sailor. A wanderers mother-load. The vessel that makes the map come to life!